Proven Process

Our Proven Search Process Delivers Results

The Coors search process delivers results efficiently and with long-term success. The following is an explanation of those steps we take with each placement.

1Comprehensive Consultation. Establishes goals and expectations for the search – builds the foundation for Coors to be your partner in the search process.

2Initial On-Site Organizational Assessment. Our assessment is essential to identifying the required skill set and the “ideal candidate” to match the organization’s culture.

3Sourcing. Coors is a boutique, relationship base firm. We build trust with our candidates so they become our foundation for a new search. Our healthcare network is extensive and combined with various, technology based sourcing techniques we quickly identify highly qualified, highly engaged candidates for any healthcare or academic search.

4Candidate Screening. Every COORS Candidate undergoes an extensive background review and documentation process:

  • Resume Review & Screening Interview
  • Candidate Profile/Agreement - Exclusive to COORS – It gauges the seriousness of the candidate early in the process and holds the candidate accountable throughout the search process.
  • Evidence-Based Position Criteria Sheet
  • Professional References
  • Spousal/ Significant Other Interview
  • Background Verification
  • Behavioral-based Candidate Interviews
  • Behaviors & Motivations – Personal Insights Profiling 
  • Professional Porfolio Development

5Candidate Slate Prestentation & Interview Stage. Coors takes the guess work out of the search process and manages every aspect of selection, saving or Clients time by presenting full documentation of only the top talent .

6Offer Negotiation, Transitioning Assistance & On-Boarding