COORS Physician Rx™ – In-House Physician Recruiting

A Cure for Your Physician Recruitment Chaos!

COORS-Physician-RecruitingThe Physician Search Division of COORS has been a leader in placing practicing physicians nationwide. We translate our physician recruitment expertise to a targeted training program for your organization to enhance your ability to attract and retain top level physician talent.

The COORS Physician Rx™ program focuses on bringing the recruitment process in-house, allowing your organization to drive successful physician recruitment based on our best-practices.  Our robust, turn-key approach creates the foundation by training your team to provide optimum results for both physciain recruitment and long-term retention.

COORS Physician Rx provides you  with step-by-step instructions, templated materials, resources, and mentorship through our recruiter training institute. Our 5-phase model takes you through every stage of recruitment- teaching you our concierge recruitment approach to attracting physicians


Identifying your recruitment goals and existing department analysis


Build a customized recruitment strategy & step-by-step process, creating a blueprint for every search


Coaching & Mentoring for your recruitment team  with proven sourcing strategies & candidate screening methodology


Guidelines for search team communications and conducting constructive interviews


Best practices for closing the search and welcoming your new physicians aboard.

This program is the foundation for our success in recruiting the “impossible” physician.  COORS can either recruit the physicians for you or train your team to recruit with optimum success. We recommend the build vs. buy approach – Building the foundation NOW will create physician alignment opportunities for the future.

Learning from our success story! Give us a call, and allow us to help you build your program.