Physician Advisory Council – PAC™

Creating a Physician-centric Service Model as a Foundation for Successful Alignment

P-A-CThis program builds the platform to create alignment between the Medical Staff and Administrative leaders.  The goal is to create a fully integrated organization where physicians are involved in the direction of the organization’s strategic focus.

To implement the PAC, COORS  builds a customized toolbox, assists the CEO with branding the PAC and delivering the appropriate message and guides the formation of the group with targeted communication strategies and mentoring. COORS‘ mentors have extensive hospital executive leadership experience and will help you create trust with your medical staff.

What Does the PAC Program Achieve?

  • Creates transparency, synergistic communication, and TRUST
  • Engages physicians in leadership process by encouraging participation
  • Creates a proactive forum between the CEO and physicians– avoiding unnecessary conflict or crisis
  • Act as a key building block to align current physicians with the strategic needs of the organization – RETENTION

What does this mean for you?

  • Increased physician satisfaction
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Cohesion between hospital administration and physician staff – true alignment of cultures

Want proof?

  • Our CEOs have increased physician satisfaction  by 20 to 30%
  • Physician retention by  – 15% in the first year
  • Physician’s perceptions of service “excellence” – increased 10 to 25%

This program is an integral component of physician alignment and integration. COORS creates the connection between Administration and Physician Leaders; the PAC forges this connection!