Leadership: Focus on What Others Bring to the Table

Many leadership articles you’ve read, probably note various attributes that make up a good leader. They may target characteristics such as integrity, the ability to inspire others, or being passionate enough to constantly work towards something greater. But what separates the good leaders from the great leaders? Their people.

It’s not just about having a great team assembled, it’s about valuing them and putting them before yourself. Know their strengths, and their areas of opportunity. When a person isn’t performing at their optimal level, it is necessary to provide them with proper support and feedback. Help them reach their potential.

Exceptional leaders are diligent in demonstrating how they value their people. Here are a few ways you can show you value your people today and in the future:

Look at your people as your biggest success.

Support and develop the people around you. Show an interest in their jobs and career goals. Help them succeed by giving them learning and development opportunities that will help them grow into the person they want to become. Your people are your greatest asset. Whether you succeed or fail is dependent upon them. Spend quality time developing them. When your people are a success, the results are reflection of you.

Know your people.

It’s not just about knowing their name, what they do, and where they live. It needs to go beyond the basic information you can find on any social media site. Are they natives to the area, or are they a transplant? Are they married? Do they have kids? What are their hobbies, special skills, or secret talents? What wakes them up every morning and drives them to succeed at work? What are their dreams? Knowing their strengths will help you develop projects and tasks which will keep them engaged and learning on the job. More importantly, you’ll make them feel valued and they’ll have more respect for you as a leader.

Appreciate your people and acknowledge their accomplishments.

A good leader is one who recognizes their people for their talent, skill, and hard work. Never take credit for their accomplishments. One reason people tend to leave their job is the fact that they feel underappreciated in their current position.  Make recognition a part of your team culture and praise your top performers, in public or at team meetings, whenever possible. When others become aware that the efforts of an individual are recognized, it will act as a catalyst and drive the rest of the team to perform at a higher level.

There is no room for ego.

When we’re kids, our parents try to teach us that no matter how great we become, and no matter what we accomplish in life, there will always be someone better than us or smarter than us – and that’s okay. Same holds true for us today in our adult life. People on your team may get more certifications, earn another degree, or move on to a new opportunity. Don’t be jealous or angry of their achievements. Be proud and know that you helped play a part in their growth.

Trust your people.

Empower them with the ability to make decisions on their own. Give them the opportunity to shine. Teams that are trusted to make decisions tend to perform better and operate at a lower cost. When you show that you trust them, they will in turn trust you. Actively think of ways to show your trust. Here are a few behaviors you can adopt:

  • Always have a policy of open communication.
  • Share their vision of success.
  • Continually take pulse of your environment and respond so you can address needs quickly.
  • Provide ample and continuous training and development.
  • Include them in on, and allow them to lead, projects with high visibility.

Empower your team with trust and they will grow with confidence. They will push themselves to become better.

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