Finance & Operational Solutions

Leadership Alignment with Operational Goals for Optimum Growth & Success

Finance-and-OperationsCOORS has the expertise and experience with healthcare organizations to accurately assess various dimensions of your organization; improving the bottom line while enhancing quality of care. Our team of experts assess key organizational dynamics including:

organizational culture, operating effectiveness and profitability, clinical areas, financial departments, organizational due diligence, specific service line profitability and IT.

Executive Management Contracts

COORS can assist with operational cost reduction, revenue cycle, supply chain management, business office solutions, chargemaster, contract negotiations, and case management.

Turnaround Services

COORS has a proficient healthcare industry network to drive executive team turnarounds. Leaders focus on redesigning key systems and processes including teaming needs. COORS works to create a synergistic environment so the team can optimize results in a short period of time.

Service Line Improvement

COORS partners with each organization to improve the service lines. We increase service line viability, profitability, efficiency and work-flow plus focus on cultural & physician alignment.

Population Health Management

COORS provides a unique web-based technology that supports the process of population health management and eliminates the hassle of generating information. In addition, its proven systems and processes help organizations reduce the cost of employee health plans by 10% or more and sustain those savings over many years. Hospitals can use the same processes with employers in their market.