Physician Alignment Solutions

A customized, comprehensive approach that delivers strategic solutions to communities, physicians, hospitals & health systems. Each component builds the foundation for the next to create true physician alignment & integration.

The system consists of seven (7) integrated components.
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Coors offers various solutions to create true physician-hospital strategic alignment and physician recruitment and retention strategies for your success in working with your physicians.


Coors Right Hire™ – In-house Physician Recruitment Training The Physician Search Division of Coors has been a leader in placing practicing physicians nationwide. We now offer the opportunity for your organization to learn from and build your own success story from our Physician Recruitment expertise. With the Coors Right Hire program, our consultants will give your leadership and in-house recruitment department the right tools to successfully recruit top physicians and build the platform for your organization’s long-term success.

Physician Advisory Council – P.A.C. ™
The Physician Advisory Council’s  (PAC) purpose is to develop and implement a physician-centric customer service model that get results. The PAC is a tool to build physician-hospital alignment while building a strong physician strategy for the CEO to work closely with physician leaders. Coors will build this customized platform and implement the PAC for your organization with our PAC alignment toolbox and a robust mentoring program.