People – Process – Performance

Fitting the Pieces together to implement change

Managing Change and Performance Improvement

Only 17% of change efforts succeed – working with Coors you can join the select few. External competition brings the need for change. We bring together the best team of experienced professionals to accomplish your goals. Our approach is to work in close partnership with your organization and key stakeholders. This ensures that the processes we develop together can be transferred to other areas of your organization.

Coors partners with organizations to effectively manage major change efforts and performance improvement initiatives. Coors uses an integrated approach with strategies that encompass process re-design, job-related training, coaching, communications and measurements.

Implementation is accomplished by using customized tactics, innovative tools and techniques that promote buy-in, create momentum to change and improve performance. The result: leaders and employees succeed in the ‘new organization’ and the organization succeeds in today’s healthcare environment.

Specific work includes

  • Developing the organizational structure – drives the new way
  • Defining the leadership mode – actions and qualities reflect the characteristics all team members need to embrace
  • Activating principles – thinking used by leaders to drive the mission statement and leadership model

Coors uses communication and recognition/celebration to drive the change process. We measure and implemented changes while coaching and communication techniques are integrated throughout the entire engagement.

In addition, Coors can assist you other performance improvement initiatives including:


Board Development & Education Services

In today’s evolving healthcare industry with the increased need to monitor quality and profitability, Boards are expected to have a greater role in the governance process. Coors provides CEO’s, boards and nominating committees with objective assessment and counsel regarding critical governance procedures.

Coors will facilitate board meetings and leadership retreats using group dynamic tactics and problem solving techniques to optimize results and buy-in. Coors can also guide CEO succession planning by partnering with the Board to identify critical competencies and qualities needed for the future CEO in the context of the organizational culture and future healthcare environment.

When executing a succession plan, Coors works closely with the board to evaluate and select impact candidates. Coors assists the Board by:

  • Employing a variety of tools to assess leadership styles
  • Analyzing each candidate’s fit within the culture
  • Benchmarking candidates according to industry standards
  • Leading the change in leadership for the outgoing and incoming CEO to optimize stakeholder support


Leadership Development & Teambuilding

Leadership development enhances the quality of leadership for individuals or teams. The focus is on how to perform in a competitive, changing environment to gain others support and drive the organization forward. Talent management involves identifying emerging leaders for development, monitoring, mentoring & coaching; resulting in career pathing for key individuals.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching assists key individuals in building behavioral competencies that result in more effective leadership; reflecting the culture and organization’s strategic direction. The Coors coaching process optimizes performance results for the healthcare executive.