Strategic Consulting

Our full suite of unique solutions offers our clients a comprehensive solution provider for all of their needs. Coors’ experienced and diverse team is known for delivering results, unmatched customer service and the ability to understand our client’s needs and culture to create tailored solutions that address their unique challenges in an evolving healthcare environment. CER provides advisory services that enable healthcare organizations to improve their business performance and operations through the analysis of identifying existing issues and opportunities. We provide unbiased external advice and access to specialized experts that assist you in developing a plan for growth and improvement. Our exposure and relationships with leading healthcare organizations keep us on top of the industry best practices.

As an industry leader in customer service, we are committed to delivering results, efficient implementation and continued support of your objectives. The goal of our firm is to create a long term strategic partnership with your organization and to assist in the growth and success of your health system. We make it our business to embrace the culture of your organization and we have demonstrated the ability to translate your mission, values, and objectives throughout your system.

The key difference between Coors and other firms is our ability to deliver precise information and assist in the development of the strategic plan. Coors can then execute this strategy while simultaneously leading the recruitment efforts for essential executive & physician leaders that will be on the ground when it comes time to implement. Our firm can assist with additional future alignment strategies for your system, such as Clinical Integration or formulating a physician EMR strategy (ambulatory medical records for your independent physicians.)

We offer what no other firm can offer – all of your solutions, one firm.