Candidate Testimonials

It is a privilege to provide this testimonial for Coors Healthcare Solutions.

My first introduction to Cheryl Coors and her company was in 2005 when I was seeking a new leadership opportunity. I was immediately impressed with her interest in my career and potential fit with opportunities from a professional perspective, as well as my personal interests and family needs.

Cheryl is someone who wants to make sure it is the right fit for the organization and for me, the candidate. She has actually discouraged me from pursuing opportunities if she feels it is not in my best interest long term from a “chemistry” standpoint based on her assessment of the organization and her knowledge of me.

Cheryl is innovative, thorough, and focused on excellence. She provides professional coaching along with a genuine personal interest in her candidates. She also stays abreast of changes in the industry and continues to add value to her company by adding services including the Personal Insights Profile, DISC Assessment. I appreciate the time she took recently to review mine, with me, in depth. She is so invested in the success of the client organization and the candidate that she also conducts the DISC Assessment for the individual who will be the candidate’s immediate supervisor.

These attributes along with her compassion and commitment to excellence differentiate COORS from other search firms. Thank you Cheryl for your professionalism, integrity, honesty, and sincere interest in my career!

Mikell Christian, RN,MS,MBA,CHE,NEA-BC

I am pleased to provide this letter of reference for Coors Healthcare Solutions.

Cheryl Coors first recruited me into the role of Administrator and Chief Operating Officer of Northwest Health System in Springdale Arkansas.

Over the years since, Cheryl Coors and her team have worked with me on searches that I have needed filled on my administrative team. In addition to supporting me as a client, Cheryl has continued to support my career growth by considering me for opportunities that she is retained for.

Cheryl has always professionally represented my needs as the client, but she and her team also have a talent of treating their candidates as clients as well. She recognizes the value in a relationship and that candidates eventually become clients once successfully placed. This is something that other companies quickly forget.

Cheryl Coors and I continue to stay in touch so that we can keep each other abreast of market trends and industry changes. When I need her or her team they are always there for me.

Thank you.

Mark Bethell, Chief Executive Officer
Gateway Regional Medical Center

Ms. Coors and Coors Healthcare Solutions are dedicated professionals. When I was ready for a change in my career, while I was open to new opportunities, I did not have a specific recruiter. I contacted several. I worked with five different recruiters during an eight-week period. I am pleased to say that Ms. Coors was the most personable, encouraging and saw potential in me that even I did not see.

Ms. Coors has contacts in numerous health care settings, at various levels of senior leadership. Ms. Coors recognized in me qualities that complimented an opportunity that I would not have selected on my own. The value for me, in developing a relationship with Ms. Coors and the Coors Healthcare Solutions team is that I have started a completely new chapter in my career as a professional nurse, professional nurse leader and leader within a hospital system team.

I appreciated Ms. Coors’ interview process. A day was set aside just for me. Ms. Coors invited me to Cincinnati where the two of us could discuss ‘who I am,’ what I have to offer a hospital leadership team and where my opportunities for growth lie. Through this process, Ms. Coors created a profile and presented it to a potential employer.

During the interview process with the potential employer, by phone and then travel to the potential job, Ms. Coors kept me well informed and well prepared. She made sure I had the opportunity to see the community as well as meet many potential co-workers. She gave me all the information, positive and negative of which she was aware. As a post-note, thus far in my new position, I have had no major surprises, the position and responsibilities and hospital system are as they were presented.

I cannot say enough about the personal touch Ms. Coors provided. Her genuine interest in my career is overwhelming. I know that I will never find the words to express my appreciation. However, as I grow and learn in this whole new role in senior leadership in heal care, Ms. Coors will always be an integral part of this new chapter in my life.

Linda Worman

I want to thank you for all of your assistance in helping initiate and mediate, whenever it was necessary, my job pursuit with Brownwood Regional Medical Center. Your experience, as well as your timely and continual availability throughout the process has been extremely useful. Additionally, your continued assistance in helping to provide resources for my fiancé, Merrylinn, in her search for a continuation of her career track in Brownwood has been equally beneficial, as my happiness is predicated on her happiness. It is your timely, sensible assistance which makes you and Coors stand out from other recruitment firms which I have previously dealt with.

Let me conclude by stating, job well done!

Doug Schwegel, MD

From the perspective of a candidate Cheryl made me feel very comfortable in the process. It was evident she was looking for the right fit for both her client and me.

Carol Evans

Your agency provided me with a level of professionalism I have never encountered before in the healthcare arena. I was impressed with your genuine concern for me as an individual and your tenacious desire to make sure that my career goals were a match with the organization where I interviewed.

I cannot thank you enough. Your skill as a manager of human resources is impressive and I begin this new role with enthusiasm and the confidence that I made a great decision. You were there for the organization and me.

I sincerely believe that I have found a lifetime friend, resource, counselor and professional partner. I would not hesitate to recommend your firm and look forward to continued contact.

With a very sincere thank you and respectfully,

Barbara E. Hall-Taylor

I have worked with most of the national recruiting firms and many regional and boutique firms. I have also worked with the Federal Government as a candidate in their employment process. Coors Healthcare Solutions uses an extensive and exhaustive documented screening processthat is evidence based and surpassed by no other organization that I have encountered.

Coors is a results-oriented, no nonsense firm that will find the right candidate. Cheryl Coors, the founder, is a RN with many years of hospital experience. They are very involved throughout the interview process and on boarding. Coors is genuinely and sincerely focused on success for the employer and candidate. They really do their homework, the end result is rewarding.

Bryan Hargis, CEO
St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital

What a great experience! A combination of life-coaching and no hassle with negotiations. They advocate for you by matching your needs with your prospective employer, assuring a good fit. Transitioning to a new job can be stressful, but they made it so easy for my new employer and me! I highly recommend Coors Healthcare Solutions!

Aline Roberts