“When St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System was seeking an Executive Search firm to partner with for two of our CEO searches; we were looking for a firm with integrity, the ability to deliver results and a firm that understood our competitive landscape and challenges. We found that with COORS Healthcare Solutions. COORS utilizes a detailed vetting process that delivers high level, passive candidates that you will not find with any other firm. Their use of evidence based criteria in determining the perfect fit, partnered with personality/ communication tools is unique and effective for defining the right candidate for St. Luke’s. Coorswas our collaborative partner, guiding us through the process, informing us of the timeline of the search, presenting candidates with full documentation and providing insights about the competitive landscape of executives. COORS Healthcare Solutions delivered on its promise of exceptional customer service and their ability to provide impact leaders. As the Senior Vice President, Operations for St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, I would recommend COORS Healthcare Solutions without any hesitation and as a satisfied customer”.

David Koontz,MBA, MPH

Throughout the course of my career in healthcare, I have come to know that the key to success is hiring the very best people available. As the COO of Catholic Health Partners, I was blessed to have the resources of COORS Healthcare Solutions to help me identify and recruit some outstanding candidates. The company utilizes a set of assessments to surface the best candidates and this process leads to a high degree of accuracy in matching a candidate to a specific company need.

A. David Jimenez, MHA, FACHE

I am pleased to provide this letter of reference for COORS Healthcare Solutions.

Cheryl Coors first recruited me into the role of Administrator and Chief Operating Officer of Northwest Health System in Springdale Arkansas.

Over the years since, Cheryl Coors and her team have worked with me on searches that I have needed filled on my administrative team. In addition to supporting me as a client, Cheryl has continued to support my career growth by considering me for opportunities that she is retained for.

Cheryl has always professionally represented my needs as the client, but she and her team also have a talent of treating their candidates as clients as well. She recognizes the value in a relationship and that candidates eventually become clients once successfully placed. This is something that other companies quickly forget.

Cheryl Coors and I continue to stay in touch so that we can keep each other abreast of market trends and industry changes. When I need her or her team they are always there for me.

Thank you.

Mark Bethell, Chief Executive Officer
Gateway Regional Medical Center

It’s a pleasure working with Cheryl. She has a thorough understanding of my organization, applies that knowledge when interviewing candidates, and consistently provides me with outstanding individuals whose expectations match our opportunity.

Rosemari Davis, CEO
Willamette Valley Medical Center

I chose to engage COORS Healthcare Solutions due to the competitive landscape for talented healthcare professionals. COORS’ approach to recruiting was what I was looking for and their responsiveness to our needs was immediate. The quality of their candidates is exceptional. The individual we hired from COORS has excelled in their department and been a tremendous addition to our team. The candidates were well qualified at all levels and COORS consistently understood my needs, but also our unique environment and what it means to be a collaborative partner. I highly recommend working with COORS Healthcare Solutions for any level Healthcare needs. COORS develops a thorough knowledge of the organization, understands their client’s needs and produces top-level talent. I would recommend using COORS Healthcare Solutions with no hesitation.

Ben Frank, Executive Vice President of Administrative Services

When I am seeking to partner with an Executive Search firm, I look for certain values, service standards and a collaborative partner. With COORS Healthcare Solutions I have found that partner, Cheryl Coors provided me with the type of relationship, customer service and results that I want. I have retained COORS on several positions, most notably financial management, service line leaders and physicians. COORS continuously demonstrated their willingness to be our partner in the search, providing feedback, updates and creative solutions. Their customer service is unmatched, the nationwide network expansive and valuable and their ability to find that tough, passive candidate is uncanny. COORS conducts a thorough on-site assessment to fully understand the position, culture and needs of the organization; a must to find that ideal candidate who will make an immediate impact in the organization. COORS is the best kept secret in the healthcare recruiting industry, an ace in the hole for attracting the competitive top level talent to any organization.

Phil Dionne, CEO
Heartland Regional Medical Center

The DISC assessment that was done by Cheryl helped my Sr. Leadership team with the following;

1. Assess their leadership styles—an internal reflection that was very helpful as we examined our own strengths and weaknesses.

2. Talk through our communication styles as a team to determine how we can better work with each other, now that we know more data about ourselves and each other.

3. Commit to being an excellent team. Now that we know, use the skills that we have learned to continue to improve our team.

After our team building session with Cheryl, we continued to reflect on our discussions. We even met to enhance the things each of us would “do/not do” in order to enhance our team. The DISC session took our leadership team to a different level and I would recommend the DISC, one-on-one feedback session and team building session to any team that is high performing but still struggling with communicating and respecting each other. In addition, as we add team members, the DISC assessment will be a valuable tool for us to assess a good fit.

I appreciate the level to which you have taken our team.

Roxanne Cole, HR Director
Inova Loudoun Hospital

Rebuilding a new senior team for a health system in a turnaround situation is challenging under any circumstance, and we had the additional challenge of having our new CEO bring with him three senior team members he had worked with previously. The remaining senior team from the previous administration had to adapt to new members who had strong working relationships. COORS Healthcare Solutions was selected to help the team quickly blend. Using the DISC assessment, Cheryl Coors first worked with the senior team members and then with the Director group to help the members better understand themselves and each other. The process helped break down the silos that had built over the years, and for the first time, leaders began working together across the system rather than within their own silos. The process helped change the culture of the organization, and early indications are very positive that the system is moving in a positive direction.

Cass Palmer, Chief Human Resources Officer
Genesis Healthcare System

I want to thank you and the staff at COORS for the commitment you made to completing our radiology search. Through all the candidates and interviews, I never once felt like you had given up on this very tough assignment. You stayed with it until we found our perfect candidate. Dr. Schwegel started this Monday, and it has been a great 1st week.

Matt Maxfield